Remarkable Reads Humor Bundle

Ready to LOL? This is the bundle for you! If 2020 taught us nothing else, it taught us the power of laughter and the strength of joy. This bundle will bring everyone great comfort and joy.

Book Bundle

Our Remarkable Reads Humor Bundle includes:
  • Best of Me by David Sedaris
    This is David Sedaris at his very best - quite literally. Sedaris hand picked what he considers his best stories. What ensues is a most surprising reading experience. “Although most of these stories are reprints from previous collections, the stories he chose and the order he chose to put them makes Best of Me read like a memoir. It’s deeply affecting and heartfelt and like all things Sedaris, hilarious,” buyer Michelle says.
  • Wow No Thank You by Samantha Irby 
    Wow, No Thank You by Samantha Irby will you have you rolling on the ground laughing, you might even wet your pants as she discusses how to party while being middle-aged (spoiler alert: it doesn’t work), what it’s like to go out with Crohn’s disease and how to pitch show concepts to Netflix. She’s brazen, raunchy and unapologetic. She’s a magnificent human and this is a magnificently hilarious collection. Bookseller Amy says, “ I don't think I've laughed this much, or nodded my head while reading this much... like, ever. Do yourself a favor, read EVERYTHING she has written. Absolutely wonderful. I devoured it.”
  • Sh*t Actually by Lindy West
    Sh*t Actually by Lindy West is a rowdy romp through some of the biggest movies of the 90s and early aughts. You’ll never look at these classic films the same way again! Bookseller Amy can’t recommend this enough, “Want an honest take on why Tom Cruise's character in Top Gun was the WORST? Or why, whether you like it or not, Twilight is incredibly entertaining? Look no further. Lindy is here to revisit all your favorites, and spoiler, they can't all be as good as we remember, and certainly can't all be as perfect as The Fugitive. This book gets 10 out of 10 DVDs of The Fugitive.” Curious what that rating means? Buy the bundle. Read the book.