Remarkable Reads One World Social Justice Bundle

The publisher One World provides a home and a space for marginalized voices and stories to take center stage. Their growing and powerful list includes some of the most sought-after and recognized artists, activists and thinkers. This has always been One World’s mission - to change the narrative and show the full spectrum of our humanity. The books chosen for this bundle were carefully selected from the publishers list because of how they excavate voices long buried and erased. Buyer Michelle says, “We chose these books because social justice is not just about knowing and understanding the pain and plight of others but also the joy and complexity of our wholeness.”

Book Bundle

Our Remarkable Reads One World Social Justice Bundle includes:
  • Purpose of Power by Alicia Garza
    The Purpose of Power by Alicia Garza, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, is part memoir and part blueprint for how to become an activist and not just an ally. It’s a call to action as well as a life-giving and life-affirming book about how we can use our talents and strengths to create change where we are. Garza said it best in her NPR “All Things Considered” interview: “I think I've learned how to have a soft heart and strong boundaries. And part of having a soft heart is really remembering and believing, right, that change is not supposed to be easy, but change fundamentally is supposed to inspire you to keep going. And knowing that the failures that we will inevitably have can ultimately lead towards victories if we just stay committed.”

    Fun fact: Watch Alicia Garza and One World Editor-in-Chief Chris Jackson in a powerful conversation here.
  • The Undocumented Americans by Karla Cornejo Villavicencio
    Described as the “punk manifesto we need today,” The Undocumented Americans writes about immigration and the undocumented like you’ve never read before. Part memoir and part investigative journalism, Karla Cornejo Villavicencio captures the undocumented experience in all its trauma and complexity. She subverts the American Dream and shows the American nightmare that exists for so many people in this country. Buyer Michelle calls it, “an intimate and profound and brutal investigation of what life without papers is like—and it extends well beyond our southern border regions. The undocumented are the responders at Ground Zero who cannot get compensation for their health issues; they are the residents of Flint, Michigan who lack the identification required to access clean water; and there is the author herself. She weaves her personal story throughout the book—her journey from Ecuador to the States at five years old.  The stories show the people beyond the stereotypes and behind the reductive label: “undocumented.” This is an urgent read. This book was written for me and my community. So if you're not one of us, this book will make you uncomfortable. And that's exactly why you should read it.”

    Fun fact: Listen to Michelle’s review of The Undocumented Americans on KJZZ’s “Page Turner” here.
  • Minor Feelings by Cathy Park Hong
    Part memoir, part cultural criticism, part a portrait of the artist as a young Asian woman, Minor Feelings is a startling collection. Bookseller Tim, calls it a “powerful and sobering collection of essays. There were times when I wanted to close the book because it felt too real because Cathy Park Hong accurately captured and exposed all of the feelings and frustrations I had growing up as an Asian American.” Buyer Michelle says “I underlined whole pages at times. This book articulates an experience I knew but had no words to describe it. There was only one Asian American narrative that was allowed in books and the media, and mine didn’t fit the box. I thought I was crazy. But Cathy Park Hong sees me. She sees us.” 

    Fun fact: New York Times bestselling author Jia Tolentino wrote a powerful essay about this book in the New Yorker. You can read it here.