Remarkable Reads Romance Bundle

Romance novels aren’t just bodice rippers anymore. Love stories are for everyone and here are some unforgettable rom-coms that will have you belly up with laughter and swooning for more! 2020 gave some of the most memorable lovers and we want to share them with you in our romance book bundle.

Book Bundle

Our Remarkable Reads Romance Bundle includes:
  • Stay Gold by Tobly McSmith
    Stay Gold made my heart burst!,” buyer Michelle says. When Pony starts at his new high school, he just wants to keep a low profile senior year. Georgia is a cheerleader who’s starting to think there is more that life can offer her. When Georgia and Pony lock eyes, sparks fly. “You too will feel butterflies and as their friendship and love grows, you’ll ask yourself why would anyone want to keep these two a part. Stay Gold is a lesson in the power of love, in the right to love and experience love. Whether you’re a teen or an adult, everyone needs to read this book. We need more love stories like this. We need to celebrate more people like Pony and Georgia.”

    Fun fact: The author Tobly McSmith also started the Stay Gold Fund which provides financial support to transgender people. Check out the fund here. McSmith is also the co-creator of several musical parodies including Cats, Friends, Saved by the Bell and The Office. We can confirm they are very very funny.
  • You Had Me at Hola by Alexis Daria
    Bookseller alumni Leah has our staff up in arms over You Had Me at Hola! “Ay, mi corazón! Telenovela stars Jasmine and Ashton take the stage in this swoony but empowering novel. Jasmine is determined for this new show to launch her career forward. After a humiliating tabloid breakup she is full of badass jefa moves. Ashton, a puertorriqueño introvert full of secrets, may just be the comfort she needs and er, well they’re costars: we know those stage kisses are on the horizon. I loved this book so much! The author has pulled from her own Latinx culture and boisterous family and it reads with a full heart and many laughs.” Buyer Michelle says, “if you love Jane the Virgin or grew up watching telenovelas, then you need this book in your life! This is the romance novel my teenage heart was waiting for.”

    Fun fact: You Had Me at Hola is part of a 3-book series. Book 2 The Rebound is set to come out September 2021.
  • Take a Hint Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert
    Take a Hint Dani Brown is “steamy and unforgettable” buyer Michelle says. Danika Brown is no stranger to success but it comes at cost to her romance life. When she meets Zafir Ansari she thinks she’s found her perfect “friends with benefit” partner-in-crime. Problem is Zafir is a romantic and he has other plans, but will Dani be open to them? “Hibbert is a skillful storyteller who turns the romance tropes inside out making this rom-com better than ever!”

    Fun fact: Take a Hint Dani Brown is a part of a series called The Brown Sisters. Each novel is a standalone and centers on one of the Brown sisters. Other novels include Get a Life Chloe Brown and Act Your Age Eve Brown.