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Kids Need to Read
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When two friends get together and discuss something they are very passionate about, good things usually happen. The Kids Need to Read project was born from such a discussion.

Inspired by the enormous amount of energy coming from their fans, author PJ Haarsma and actor Nathan Fillion established a program where profits could be used to purchase books for libraries in need. Money should never be used as an excuse when it comes to the education of our children.

Looking for a coffee alternative to Starbucks in your area?
The Delocator can help. Just enter a zipcode and up pops a list of all independent coffee cafes in the neighborhood.

Enter a zip code to search for an independent bookseller nearby. Bookwormz is a user-supported database, so if you know of a bookstore that's not listed, you can add it.

Grand Canyon Music Festival
Eight concerts that span a three week period in September each year at the Shrine of Ages amphitheatre on the South Rim. Imagine spending a beautiful fall day on the rim, strolling through the pines after dinner, and finding a seat to hear virtuoso performances.

Mountains & Plains Booksellers Association
MPBA is an association of 250 independent, locally-owned bookstores located throughout the Rocky Mountain region. These bookstores, like other locally-owned businesses, are owned by your friends and neighbors who are vitally interested in the life and health of their communities. The diverse tastes of these independent booksellers reflect the literary needs and interests of those communities.