Event Hosting


Thank you for considering Changing Hands Bookstore as a place to host your event. We support authors and speakers and take pride in their success. We host more than 300 events a year and have come to understand the challenges of producing successful events. Because our event space is in such great demand, we must request proposals for its use. In addition to our events, we have implemented non-event author signings. Over the course of a year, we select a couple of Saturdays to host a variety of authors throughout the day at signing tables. If you believe your book would be better suited for a signing only, please indicate this in your proposal.

Changing Hands has been in business for over 34 years and our events adhere to a very high standard. To help us determine if your event and book would be a good match for our community, please provide the following information along with a copy of your book, if you are requesting a book signing:
  • For an adult or children's fiction or nonfiction books, provide a one-page summary of the book.
  • For a lecture and/or workshop, please provide a one-page proposal that includes the following information. What is the title/theme? What will be discussed or conducted as a workshop? Who is the intended audience? Why is this event suitable for Changing Hands?
  • Please include any information regarding past publicity and events.
  • Include a bio that relates your experience with your proposal/book. Include references we can contact.
  • Do you have a local following that you believe will attend this event?
If you have self-published your book or published through a print-on-demand service, you will need to supply books for the event/signing.

If we agree to host your event, we require a cooperative advertising fee. With publishers, this is standard practice. With our $300 publicity package, we adopt aggressive marketing tactics including written and e-mailed pitches to our extensive list of media contacts in radio, print, and TV. If the media is interested in an interview, we will help coordinate the schedule. While media is not guaranteed, there are some strategies to help garner publicity: * Does your event or book have a local angle? * Is you event or book timely? * Is your event or book newsworthy, and if so, how? When submitting your proposal, please refer to the above bullet points.

We write radio copy for your event and place a radio ad on one of our local NPR stations, KJZZ &/or KBAQ. We publish your event information in our calendar that is e-mailed to 12,000 & picked up in paper format by 4,000 more. We report book sales to the New York Times, Nielson BookScan and Book Sense. We also help coordinate cross-promotion practices with other organizations. This fee includes the use of our events room for the talk and signing. Events intended for children may receive a reduced co-operative advertising fee.

If you wish to charge a fee for your workshop or lecture, Changing Hands receives 30% of the total ticket sales. We provide your attendees the ability to pay through our point-of-sale system by check, credit card, debit card or cash.

We will review your submission and contact you within 30 days. If you are working with a non-profit organization or plan to donate a portion of your proceeds, we will take this into account. Fees do not apply to book groups and foreign language conversation groups. Drop off or send materials to Changing Hands Bookstore, Event Proposal, 6428 S McClintock Dr, Tempe, AZ 85283, or email to events@changinghands.com.