Strategic Impact: A Leader’s Three-Step Framework for the Customized Vital Strategic Plan

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Strategic Impact
Strategic Impact: A Leader’s Three-Step Framework for the Customized Vital Strategic Plan
by Carol A. Poore PH.D.


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Dr. Carol A. Poore successfully modernizes strategic planning—and offers a dynamic, comprehensive  approach that is aligned with today’s novel economy. 

Strategic Impact presents a trailblazing method that will help you guide and customize your  organization’s strategic planning program. Dr. Poore delivers innovation through virtual strategy workshops, digital communication opportunities, and new, accessible cloud-based tracking systems. 

Strategic Impact provides a reliable, three-step framework, applicable to any organization, regardless of size, scale, or structure, allowing you to: 

• Declutter the typically complicated strategic planning process. 

• Deliver a destiny-shaping program in an efficient, budget-conscious way—including for mission driven small businesses and nonprofits with limited resources. 

• Plan and lead a life-changing leadership workshop experience culminating in strategic goals. • Craft a compelling written strategic plan which can be digitized and communicated through social  media. 

• Implement an effective tracking and communication system to monitor progress and ensure  accountability. 

• Engage employees, customers, and key audiences in celebrating your organization’s strategic  impact. 

Unlike other strategic planning books, Strategic Impact places intense focus on curating a vibrant, life changing strategic planning workshop that strengthens leadership bonds and commitment for  implementation. It simplifies the strategic planning process and ensures a clear, comprehensive, and  customizable approach for you and your leadership team. 

About the Author

Dr. Carol A. Poore has been delivering effective leadership and transformational strategic planning results for a  diverse range of organizations for more than 20 years. She has served in corporate executive positions, advanced  university growth in the role of vice provost, and developed a high-profile community health center as a nonprofit  CEO. 

Through her consultancy, Poore & Associates, Dr. Poore has led community planning initiatives  and advised small businesses, nonprofits, local community organizations, and government entities during  legacy-shaping times of change. She serves on the faculty at Arizona State University, teaching graduate  and undergraduate courses in leadership, public policy, and community development. Her research  focuses on how vital networks drive change. 

With her Ph.D. in public administration, an MBA, and a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism  and broadcasting from Arizona State University, Dr. Poore is the author of Building Your Career Portfolio (Cengage Learning), which focuses on career diversification driven by personal purpose and has been  published in English, German, and Korean. Her leadership and strategy articles are featured in print and  digital news platforms and on LinkedIn. Dr. Poore’s philanthropic and community service includes  serving on economic development, arts/culture, higher education, hospital, and bank boards.

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